Mrs. Aarsh Chopra, Resident, Vasant Kunj
The treatment is very effective and Therapist Mahesh Agarwal has a great knowledge of all the treatments
Commander A.K. Sharma
Excellent is the word for Therapist Agarwal. I am fully satisfied that he has the knowledge of nerves
Dipasha Chhabra, Gurgaon
I had severe pain in my shoulder which was radiating till my elbows and sometimes till my index finger, particularly in my left arm. My shoulders had become stiff and any body movement was aggravating the pain. X-Ray & MRI reports showed nothing was wrong. TSW's Therapist Agarwal's treatment brought relief within just one week's time and my pain has reduced substantially.
R. Thapar
The Acupressure Technique told by Dr. Agarwal is instantly effective.
Divya Joshi, Squadron Leader, Indian Air Force
Dr. Mahesh Agrwal has wonderful powers in acupressure healing. He is an unparalleled & amazing expert.
Shelly Bhandari, Tagore garden
I find acupuncture very good . It is very effective. I received very effective consultancy from Dr. Mahesh Agrawal. Would like to consult him again in future.
Dr. Mahesh Agrawal has amazing powers and has relived me as my back pain and slight headache through his acupressure techniques. He understands the problem quickly and provides instant relief.
GaganKalra, ShareKhan, JanakPuri New Delhi
I have shown my hand to Dr. Mahesh Agrawal as I am suffering from tennis elbow problem from last 4 years. Allopathic Doctors told me that I need to undergo operation. When I met Dr.Agrawal he showed me confidence and told me that I will be ok within 6-8 sitting. I have taken 4 sitting from him and I got relief up to 70%. My best wishes for the Dr. Mahesh Agrawal and he has helped me cure my tennis elbow problem.
T.N Ananthanarayanan, Dwarka, N.Delhi
My wife, LeelaAnanthanarayanan, was suffering from acute back pain as well as pain in her left limb arising out of the L 4+5 disc problem. Traction was tried but there was no relief. She was also diabetic. A friend suggested to my wife she could try acupressure and recommended her case to Dr. Mahesh Agrawal as he has cured persons with similar problem. He examined my wife on 12.10.06 and started his treatment the next day. Just after two sitting she felt better. The numbness in her feet disappeared. Earlier she could not sit even for a short time and found it painful. As the treatment continued she found that she could sit for a longer duration and feel no pain. Her back pain also disappeared and she could roll on her back. She was limping earlier while walking. Now she is able to walk straight without any support.
Mr. Gian Chandra, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi
I was suffering with tennis elbow at the right arm & left arm was having pain while lifting above the shoulders. Dr. Mahesh Agarwal has miraculous powers in acupressure treatment. Tennis elbow was cured within 3 sittings & left arm also became free. Now there is no pain in the left arm & I continued playing tennis without even a single day break. I think it is the shortest time & that too without any side effect or any medicines.