About Us

Ele-5 Nature Cure provides treatment through Alternative Medical Practices
i.e. Acupressure, Sujok, Magnet Therapy and Five -Elements.

Almost all types & categories of diseases are treated here. Any person of
‘Any Age’ can take the treatment (even One Day young baby too).
We believe that during treatment process, the patient should be educated
thoroughly regarding his/her disease or health problem and
probable causes of same along with guidance in order to be able to maintain
pain-less, disease-free, trouble-free life after the complete treatment gets

These therapies are ‘Drug-Less’, Pain-Less’ & ‘Harm-less’. With the
unique combination of above therapies / practices, the relief and recovery is
much faster. Further these can be done along with any other system of
therapy – No contraindication – No side effects.

Our Expert Doctors

Dr. MAHESH AGRAWAL – M.D. (Acupressure)

Dr. MAHESH AGRAWAL - M.D. (Acupressure)– M.D. (Acupressure) from the Indian Academy of Acupuncture Sciences
– Diploma in DAMP
– Advance Diploma in Sujok from the Sujok Academy of India. 
– MD (AM)
– M. I. A. Ac.S.
– F. I. A Ac.S
– National Award In Holistic Sciences

Expertise – Over the last 35 years, providing treatments combining Acupressure, Sujok, Yog, 5 elements, Tatva Mudras, Naturopathy & Magnet Therapy. His treatment has brought smiles to lot of people suffering from Chronic & Lifestyle diseases.

Achievements –  Honoured with National Award in the Year 2002 by Niahsni in Holistic Sciences for Research, Development & Promotion, Awarded with a Certificate for Credit for Initiatives and Active Participation by Ved Panchamrit Research and Health Care Foundation

PANKAJ AGRAWAL – M.D. (Acupressure)

PANKAJ AGRAWAL - M.D. (Acupressure)Seeing the miraculous healings through Alternate Medical practices and with the desire to be a part in spreading this amazing practice, he has moved out of his high paying corporate job after working for 24 years. Over the last couple of years, he has gained very good guidance and knowledge from Dr. Mahesh Agrawal.

Equipped with Corporate world skills and with the vision of taking Alternative Medical Practices to a next level, he has already cured patients, suffering from partial DMD, Still & Twisted Shoulder, Back-Ache including Sciatica Pain, Cervical Spondylitis etc..